Perspective from above of a woman receiving a shoulder massage

Services for Current Students

SSMT cares deeply about its students, and provides them with assistance throughout their training. All the administrators are on-site, and available whenever needed. The Education Department helps students with study skills, coping with test anxiety, time management, make-up scheduling, as well as offering outstanding student grievance support.

Learning massage therapy can create powerful opportunities for growth, especially when approached in the context of mindfulness. Students receive frequent massage and are often invited to explore the sources of tension in their lives. You may find you want assistance processing these experiences, and the Education administrators are skilled, accessible, and eager to help. You will find that administrators in other departments and faculty members are also happy to help in any way they can.

A selection of SSMT's vast medical library


The school has a resource library available for students. It includes books and videos on massage therapy, bodywork, anatomy & physiology, health sciences, alternative health and fitness, as well as state and national journals on massage therapy. The library contains computers and software that students may use to assist their studying.

Administrators interacting directly with students

Student Counseling

The school administrators and faculty members are available to advise, assist and counsel students at their request regarding specific issues in their coursework, skills, work opportunities available in the field, and any issues they may have during their training.



The Admissions Department can recommend local apartment complexes, and we keep a current listing of available off-campus housing. Contact the school for a copy of the listing as well as other sources of local housing.

Massage tables displayed on the beach

Massage Tables

A high quality massage table will be provided for each student at no additional charge, along with an adjustable face rest, leg bolster and carry case. Students will have a choice of some of the best models and options available anywhere.