Trust the Process

If I could go back in time and tell myself to trust the process the first time around, I would’ve.
I signed up to SSMT 3x and finally completed the program in 2018! I was so nervous and didn’t have faith on what could come of this. But looking back, that’s what makes my journey mean so much to me now. I have such a deep appreciation for the staff and the program. I honestly would sign up and do it all over again! I always wanted to care for others, work for myself, and have a healthy work life balance and didn’t know how to accomplish that. SSMT helped me set the trajectory for what now would be my life’s purpose, my happiness.
I absolutely love being a massage therapist. We LMTs are humanitarians, and being of service to others is such an honor. I’m living my dreams, moved out to Colorado & am working for myself. If you’re considering if a career in massage therapy is right for you, please give it a try! I learned so much about myself throughout this program and I am so grateful to have trusted the process!
- Kathy Martinez, LMT, Class 263

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