Full Circle

When I was 17 years old in 2010 I told my grandmother I wanted to be a massage therapist and that I was really interested in going to massage school after I graduated high school. My grandmother was a traveling nurse and had many clients in Sarasota. One day she had a new client close by SSMT. When she got home she told me about the school. A month before graduating we made an appointment with Autumn. I got to tour the school and ask questions, Autumn was amazing. I ended up enrolling that same day. Unfortunately my father fell sick and I ended up moving to NY.

Fast forward to May of 2021, my fiance says he wants to try something new and he wants to give massage a try. I didn't think anything of it because at this point of my life I’m a teacher and I believe this is my calling. One day he is on the phone with someone named Autumn and I heard her voice and I asked is that Autumn from SSMT? He nods yes.

Listen I dont really know what happened after that, all of a sudden me and Autumn are talking, reminiscing, because she actually remembered me and my grandmother, how much we both wanted this for me. We all set up an appointment for us to meet at the school. We go and instantly I knew I had to come back and finish what I started. I did just that in August of 2021. That year was full of bliss, tears, doubt and encouragement. I made it through though, and going to this school was one of the best decisions I made. I feel so fulfilled. Thank you Autumn! Thank you SSMT. 

Almeta Middleton, LMT, SSMT Class 312

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