Fulfilling and Powerful

Starting school at SSMT and becoming a massage therapist has changed my entire life for the best. I went from being unhappy working in the restaurant industry, to discovering a whole world that I’m so passionate about. My schooling experience in general was just a FUN and beautiful time of awakening and personal growth. After graduating, I worked at a spa for a few years before opening my private practice full time. I set my own schedule, charge my own rates, and run the show working for myself. Not everyone can say this, but I truly love going to work everyday. There’s nothing more gratifying than making such a physical impact on other people. What I experience while working and what my clients experience while receiving is so fulfilling and powerful. I’ve made lifelong connections in this field, discovered what I LOVE doing, and I have SSMT to thank for it.

Dawn Tansill, LMT, SSMT Class 253

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