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Cyclist Injuries Class

April 23 - 23, 2023


Do you work with serious cyclists who often ride 100+ miles a week?

These athletes have severe pain conditions from the neck and shoulders through low back and sciatica caused by curling into the aerodynamic position for hours at a time. Every pedal stroke further tightens the muscles that cause pain from the athlete’s low back to their knees.
Tucking over the handlebars for additional speed causes the muscles of the neck to shorten. Shermer’s neck is a condition that is almost exclusively experienced by ultra-cyclists and can even end the athlete’s ability to cycle. Learn how to treat each of the muscles that are impacted by this extreme sport to help your athlete clients continue to excel.

Class is held from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Available Florida CEUs: 6

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Julie Donnelly, LMT

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