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Have you ever considered a career that touches lives? Since 1978, SSMT has been educating students of many backgrounds and ages for fulfilling careers as professional massage therapists.

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Our purpose is more than just educating tomorrow's most successful bodywork professionals. We aim to awaken in our students a transformational self-awareness; an integration of skills, knowledge, and mindfulness. This awareness is the foundation of the most successful massage therapy careers.

Many students travel from all over the country to study at SSMT, and only partly because we're 20 minutes from the beach! Mostly it's the inspired curriculum and passionate instructors that attract creative, intentional students on their journey towards excellence.

A caring and knowledgeable SSMT Admissions Guide will be happy to help you explore your career goals and options. Whether you would like to come in for a tour or simply chat on the phone, an effective next step is to discuss where you are in your life, where you might want to go, and how you might get there. This can help you choose the right path for yourself - whether it's with SSMT or a different direction. Call 877-613-7768 - or fill out the form above to request a caring and supportive conversation.


A Unique Experience

The SSMT experience is organized like no other. The curriculum has been carefully crafted to consistently build knowledge, technical skills, and the intangible skills that distinguish the most successful and fulfilled massage therapists. The coursework is integrated into a cohesive and inspiring learning experience. Read More

Who We Are

SSMT is a community of massage therapy educators with, collectively, more than 400 years in practice. It's hard to imagine that so many amazing people practice in a city this size, and that SSMT could find them, organize them, and build something so vital. We are caring professionals whose goal is always to serve your highest good. Read More

Explore Your Possibilities

Autumn Lopez and Sue Toscano, the SSMT Admissions Guides, are committed to providing you with authentic support as you explore your career goals and options. A chat with one of them is the best way to get your questions answered. Call 877-613-7768 or click here to request a caring and supportive conversation. Read More