Flowers, towels and a balanced stack of massaging stones

Stephanie Churn Lubow, LMT, BA

Stephanie Churn Lubow has been a massage therapist in Florida since 1994. She was co-director and instructor at SSMT from 2000-2008. In 2006, she first discovered her passion for Traditional Thai Massage and became certified to practice it. in 2012, she traveled to Thailand and studied at the Baan Hom Samunphrai school in Chaing Mai, where she earned a certificate in Traditional Thai Massage from the Thai Ministry of Health. She has continued to pursue her studies in Traditional Thai Medicine, and is currently an international educator in Thai Massage and Thai Herbal Poultice Massage. She loves sharing her passion for Thai bodywork with students and fellow therapists!

Upcoming Classes

August 21 - 22, 2021 Thai 1: Introduction to Thai Massage

Supine and Seated Positions


October 2 - 3, 2021 Thai 2: Side-Lying and Prone

An Ancient and Sacred Healing Art