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Dynamic Tui Na

July 22 - 23, 2017


Tui Na is one of the most effective tools in the Chinese medicine repertoire for relieving pain.  The oldest known system of medical bodywork, Tui Na, is now being popularized in many countries as a powerful therapeutic expansion of traditional Western massage methods. 

Translated as "push-grasp" in Chinese, Tui Na is a very profound form of hands-on healing that has immediate benefits for a wide variety of patients.

One of Tui Na's advantages over simple massage is its ability to focus on specific problems, especially chronic pain associated with the muscles, joints and skeletal system.  It's especially effective for joint pain such as arthritis and sciatica as well as pain in the back, neck and shoulders.  It helps with chronic conditions such as insomnia, consitipation, and headaches, including migraines.  It can also be used effectively in pediatric cases.

Tui Na does not simply work on the muscles, bones and joints; it works with the body's energy at a deeper level.  Methods include hand and arm techniques to massage soft tissue, manipulation techniques to realign the bones, and stimulation of acupressure points to redirect the flow of Qi energy through the body.

As with other styles of Asian bodywork, Tui Na is designed to prevent problems, not just correct them.  By keeping the body's energy in balance, physical and mental health can be improved and maintained. 

This seminar will introduce participants to the basic concepts and techniques of Dynamic Tui Na.  This is a radical modification of classical tui na that removes any pain from the procedure and imparts immediate and profound healing benefits.  This hands-on workshop will enable participants to practice various techniques on each other to feel how to use the various methods safely, appropriately, and effectively.

The full presentation is a two-day workshop that encompasses the entire system of Dynamic Tui Na.  This is an encapsulated version of the material taught by Dr. Collins to his medical students over the course of a semester.

The workshop is a hands-on, interactive experience.  Participants remain clothed during the workshop.

Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am-6:00pm with a lunch break from 12:00pm-1:00pm both days.

Current students receive a $25 discount.

Available Florida CEUs: 16

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