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The Practitioner-Patient Communication Gap

January 16 - 16, 2017


There is a glaring hole in the education of students in both Chinese and Western medical schools - the vast majority never learn effective communication skills.  As a result, many of their patients leave their appointments feeling frustrated, confused, and/or misunderstood.  

This presentation gives attendees solid, practical tools and techniques on how to establish immediate rapport with their patients and peers.  Participants will learn appropriate "bedside manner" and how to quickly achieve a positive professional relationship with their patients as well as with other health care professionals.  They will also learn when to use technical language and when to use layman's terms.  In addition, they will better understand boundary issues, including the appropriate use of touch.  

This presentation will include practical exercises as well as role-playing.

Upon completion, attendees will know:

  1. The proper way to initiate a professional conversation
  2. Several tools for increasing rapport
  3. How to increase rapport with the appropriate use of touch
  4. The concept of "Ego State" and how it relates to communication
  5. The importance of active vs. passive senosry information
  6. How concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be applied to enhance therapeutic communication

Monday, January 16, 2017  6:00-10:00pm

Available Florida CEUs: 4

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Steven Collins, DAOM (c), DOM

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