Flowers, towels and a balanced stack of massaging stones

Integrative Cupping to Improve Client Results

January 30 - 30, 2022


In this class you will learn:

1. How cupping creates better client results.
• Increases blood flow to soft tissue.
• Increases lymphatic flow through the fascia and muscle tissue.
• Creates myofascial and myofibril stretch.
• Releases trigger points.
• Breaks up scar tissue.

2. History and modern research.
• How cupping therapy evolved throughout history.
• How cupping therapy is being used today, and modern research.

3. Indications and contraindications.
• When to use cupping and how.
• When NOT to use cupping and why.
4. Choosing your cupping device.
• Introduction to the many types of cups and cupping devices, and their applications.

5. How to use your cups.
• Lift and release.
• Stationary.
• Gliding or moving.
• Stationary with AROM.
• Gua sha with cupping.

6. Cautions and considerations.
• Situations when cupping is NOT appropriate.
• Areas of the body to avoid and why.
• Patient tolerance.
• Topicals vs. dry

7. Let’s practice!
• Pump cups.
• Silicone cups.
• Gua sha.
• Feedback.

8. Exam.
• 30 questions covering the above material in depth. Passing grade of 70% required for receiving credit.


Class is held from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. NCBTMB approval is pending, FL only CEUs at this time.

Available Florida CEUs: 7

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