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Federal Financial Assistance
The Sarasota School of Massage Therapy is nationally accredited and is approved by the US Department of Education to administer Title IV funds. Qualifying students may be able to secure grants and/or loans. The SSMT Financial Aid Advisor, Stephanie King, is available to assist you with the process of applying for federal aid. She can be reached by phone at 941-957-0577, toll-free at 877-613-7768, or by email at

SSMT Need-based Scholarship
SSMT offers partial tuition credits to students with demonstrated financial need. Interested students may contact the Director of Financial Aid.

Interest-Free Payment Plan
The cost of school may be divided into monthly payments, without interest, during the period of enrollment at SSMT. Payment options can be discussed with the admissions office.

Low Interest Loans
For students who need to extend payments beyond the period of enrollment, SSMT has arranged for loans to be processed by TFC Tuition Finance at reasonable interest rates.

IRS Tax Credits
There are two tax credits that students (or their parents) may be eligible to claim. Both are detailed in IRS Publication 970. The American Opportunity Tax Credit provides students up to $2,500. Even students
who have no income and pay no income tax this year can still qualify for a $1,000 credit. A tax credit is a direct reduction in your tax - a refund if your taxes are all paid. The vast majority of SSMT students will qualify for a credit of $1,000-$2,500.

The Lifetime Learning Credit allows a reduction in tax liability equal to 20% of qualified educational expenses (SSMT tuition, books and application fee). Both credits have income limits and other conditions. See IRS Publication 970 and consult your accountant for details.

Net Price Calculator

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For questions about the Student Clinic or Continuing Education,
contact the Front Desk at 941-957-0577

Federal regulation 34 CFR 668.6 (b) requires educational institutions to disclose gainful employment information to prospective students. Click here to see this information

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