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The Rockaway Method- Free Introductory Program

October 16 - 16, 2017


During this free introductory program, you will see how The Rockaway Method works and even get a chance to experience it for yourself in a short demo and feel the cells of your body come alive!  You will also learn that The Rockaway Method can be used for self-treatment as well.

What is The Rockaway Method?  It is a life-changing, mind-expanding, vibration-raising, consciousness-shifting form of bodywork that works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels all at once. It consists of a blend of gentle rocking, stretching, and massage combined with rhythmic, high vibrational music that is truly fun for the therapist to perform, and highly effective for the client to experience.

The result?  The tight, stiff and painful areas of your client's body will simply melt away and a wave of healing energy will infuse their whole being.

If you have a strong desire to truly help your clients feel better than ever, then this modality is for you. Highly regarded by clients as more effective than massage alone or even physical therapy, The Rockaway Method has the ability to lower clients' pain levels from a 5 or above down to a 0!  Because clients do not need to completely disrobe, draping is unnecessary. And because no oils are used, this modality can be used in a variety of venues, including in a chiropractor or acupuncture physician's office, corporate chair massage and more. This modality may even become your personal favorite technique to use, not only because it is so much fun, but because it will earn you rave reviews from your clients!

Monday, October 16, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Complimentary.

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David Valentine, LMT

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