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Hands of Light

December 02 - 03, 2017


Hands of Light Course.

These teachings on human energy and consciousness, health, healing and self-awareness are at the cutting edge of human development. Come experience this healing event and return to your life renewed, open-hearted, and transformed.

Course Description -Learn skills as taught at the premier healing school in the world. Hands of Light Energy Mastery techniques are great for all those interested in energy healing. If you are a Massage Therapist, you?ll learn techniques that are a great adjunct to massage, as well as save your hands!

•    You will be taught skills that help you to balance, clear, re-center, and recharge yourself, your immune system; and then that of a clients.

•    Discover how energy blockages held in the body from trauma, accidents, or adverse experiences eventually result in physical illness.

•    Study the anatomy and physiology of the energy field and chakra system, and how it relates to the physical body.

•    Experientials to heighten and develop your intuitive awareness of energy.

•    Demonstration Healing

•    Practice Sessions

•    Exercises and meditations to increase your intuition

With a combination of lecture, power- point presentations, experientials, demonstration healings, deep meditation and intuitive exercises, and support with practice sessions in class, this workshop provides great information for massage therapists as well as other practitioners or people seeking optimal health, fulfillment, & self-care. You'll also learn the emotional, spiritual and mental connection to pain, stress or the dis-ease process of the body. It is a wonderful adjunct to massage therapy, as well as self-healing to deepen your connection to yourself, your beloveds and your work with clients. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Class hours:

Saturday Workshop 10:00am-5:00pm (5:00-6:00 School talk)

Sunday Work Shop 10:00am-4:00pm


Cost: $250.00 if registered by November 15; $270. Thereafter

Available Florida CEUs: 12

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Joy Adler, B.H.S.P.

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